Principa Madman

Adolf Hitler is the principal of Germany. He was responsible for killing over 6 million Jewish people between 1941 and 1945. His temper is usually unmatched, until he runs into one of The Jones Family. He is not an unfair principal, only a temperamental one. He is also immature and extremely tyrannical towards his students (especially Anne Frank), and treats his staff quite harshly as well. He has punished the Jews for infecting Anne as well as Mr. Mitchell's computer. He is very paranoid of germs, including Influenza. He also believed he was infected with a computer virus when Anne Frank sneezed on him. Madman found himself to be operating much more efficiently and decided to dress and act as a Jew. His other attire consists of dark green sweaters. He is a large principal and is prone to snacking. In Nazi propoganda, he is said to be one of the antagonists with the mission to take the Judens down

卐Heil Mein Fuhrer卐