Mr Workout

Mr. Workout (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a P.E. teacher at Polyneaux Middle School. Mr. Workout's class focuses specifically on Physical Education. When Robot enrolled for classes, he handed the enrollment papers to Mr. Workout. He was impressed with Robot's physical capabilities but they both became stubborn about the showers. Robot did not want to rust in the water while Mr. Workout must teach every student about personal hygiene and cleanliness. Even though Robot had demonstrated that he stays clean by shaking off the mud that Mr. Workout poured on Robot (and splattered onto Mr. Workout in the process), Mr. Workout insisted that the best way to stay clean is how the human students stay clean. Mr. Workout even went as far as moving some of the lockers inside the shower room, almost soaking Robot's belongings that were in the locker. Eventually, Robot Jones gave up and turned on the water by himself. He did not rust. He was not damaged at all. But at the same time, the water formed an electrical current which electrically shocked Mr. Workout.

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